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13 Amazing Ways to Save Up More Cash

Saving up a nice chunk of cash can be a struggle at times. There’s so many awesome new things to buy and this list just keeps on growing each and every day.

For this reason, it’s great to have a plan on how you can begin to save up more cash in your day to day life. Preparing your savings

by Jared Jordan , January 20, 2021

Money Management

10 Best Ways to Spend $2000 (Investing, Business and More)

A lot can be done with an extra $2000 in your pocket if it’s used in the right way. To some people, it’s not that much money, but if you can manage $2000 correctly, you can also make great decisions when dealing with larger sums of money.

The famous writer Ayn Rand once said “Money is only

by Jared Jordan , January 10, 2021


Grow Your Blog with Email Marketing (Constant Contact Review)

If you checked your email right now, it's likely that you would see some large company sending you a promotion or others paying for ad space to be seen in your inbox. This is so common that we don't think much of it.

These companies send you so many emails because they know jus

by Jared Jordan , January 6, 2021


Robinhood App Review: Beginner Friendly Investing

Investing is something that many people want to get started in, but with so much to learn, it can be difficult to know the first step to take in order to start growing your money.

This is why beginner friendly investing platforms like Robinhood can be a great place to start your investin

by Jared Jordan , December 31th

Side Hustle

How to Make Your Side Hustle Your Main Job

Many of us have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and being our own boss. The thought of working on your own terms without answering to someone else is naturally appealing.

Although becoming an entrepreneur is a wonderful goal to have, it’s important to realize that it’s not easy. Star

by Jared Jordan , December 16th

Make Money

15 Best Passive Income Investments

Passive income is commonly referred to as the best type of income and that’s for good reason. It’s income that you make in your sleep and even when you're not working for long periods of time.

Receiving this type of income may require an initial time investment like most things do, but

by Jared Jordan , November 26th


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