Everything Needed to Start a Successful Blog

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Build Your Own Successful Blog with Bluehost Web Hosting and WordPress for $3.95/month

Many people don't realize the amount of money you can make blogging. It can literally change your life and give you financial freedom to live and work anywhere in the world. Bluehost will set up your website hosting and also guide you in choosing a Wordpress blog theme. You can start blogging in minutes and make money with ads, paid post's, affiliate marketing and much more as your new blogging business grows.

Set Up Your Email List Free for 60 Days

The money really is in the email list. The bigger your email list, the more visitors you will have on your site. This means more sales, bigger ad revenue and more leads if you do affiliate marketing. With an email list of 10,000 and a response rate of 2%, that means you can earn $10,000 from one email campaign on a $50 product. As your list grows, so does your revenue just from email marketing.

SEO Keyword Research Tool for High Google Rankings

The most important part of blogging is getting traffic to your website. SEO or search engine optimization allows your articles to rank high on google. The trick is to find keywords that are easy to rank for and using those keywords in your url slug, article titles, and main subheadings.

Stock Photos, Videos, and Music for Your Blog or Youtube Channel

When starting your first blog, you will quickly realize that you need a reliable source to find high quality stock photos and videos. Get your first 10 images for free and choose one of 4 plans that range from 10 to 750 downloadable images every month. Using other people's photos without their permission can result in legal trouble, but with Shutterstock you can use photos freely.

Make Your Blog an Official Company with an LLC

Obtaining an LLC is vital for a new business to be considered valid. This establishes your company legally and protects you in case your business is sued. Easily set up your business bank account and receive your company EIN tax Id number all online with IncFile.

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