How to Make Money with Your Own SEO Agency

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If you have an online business or website, it’s likely that you’ve heard the term SEO floating around here and there. This is no doubt a vital skill that every blog or internet based company should become familiar with.

This is because mastering SEO can mean massive profits for your business and it can save you months of marketing and thousands of dollars on paid promotions.

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What Is SEO Exactly?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the process of making needed changes to a website or blog article to make it rank higher in google searches.

For example, if you're selling a course or product online and you want traffic, you typically would run some type of paid ads through Facebook or Google.

You might make some money from those paid ads, but with an SEO optimized website, you would be getting all that traffic for free because when people search that topic in Google, your website would then pop right up on the first page.

This can result in your company making thousands more each and every month due to the high visibility you are receiving.

How to Start an SEO Agency

First, you need a solid and reliable SEO research tool. Then you need to become good at it yourself because it’s impossible to help others without first becoming comfortable with the entire process.

Learning how to do keyword research is extremely important since google uses those keywords on your webpage to determine your search ranking.

Then, you will be able to offer your SEO skills to blogs and websites as a side hustle or as a full blown agency since there is a huge demand for search engine specialists.

KWFinder Keyword Research Tool

KWFinder is one of the best SEO tools on the market for doing keyword research. It allows you to type in any number of keywords and see the difficulty rating for them.

Knowing how difficult a set of keywords are to rank for is vital because of the massive competition online of people making similar content. You don't want to waste time on keywords that are impossible for you to rank for.

Typically, it's best to shoot for long tail keywords that are below a 40% difficulty level and have a search volume of over 5,000. KWFinder provides all of this data in an easy to view format.

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Long tail keywords are simply multiple words grouped together that people commonly search for in google. They are better to use in comparison to doing research on one single word.

Get Paid for Keyword Research

Now that you have a keyword research tool like KWFinder, you can use it to search for easy to rank keywords and help optimize a client's webpage.

Since the results of SEO may take months to see, you can charge a client on a month to month basis. Many agencies will charge $400 or more per month for this skill.

It's important to let a client know that SEO takes time and that it’s a worthwhile investment so they don't think you're just taking their money when they don't see immediate results.

How to Optimize Websites for SEO

There are a few important steps you must take in order to properly optimize a webpage to show up high on google searches. Once you remember these easy steps, SEO will seem like a breeze for you.

1. Put Your Keywords In the Url

Once you have done proper keyword research and decided on a title for your article, It’s important to use those keywords inside the slug which is your webpage’s url.

This tells Google what your article or webpage is about making it easier to rank. You never want your url to have a name that's unrelated to the information on the blog post or sales page.

2. Use Keywords In the Main Title

Another SEO optimization tip is to always use your keywords in the title or main heading of your article. Since that is the main identifier of what your page will discuss, it’s important that your keywords are present.

You also should place those keywords in other important subheadings which will help google gather further information. Never use your keywords on every single subheading because google can punish you for this. This is known as keyword stuffing.

3. Place Keywords Throughout Your Article

It's important that you place your keywords in many places throughout your article or webpage. You can also use similar words and google will pick up on the subject you’re writing about with it’s intelligent algorithm.

4. Add Media and Alt Tags

Google likes to see that your webpage has different forms of media content. This can be everything from images to videos that make the webpage more lively and informative for the user.

Your media should also have “alt” tags with an alternate name in case your images fail to load. This improves your page's SEO score on Google.

5. Keep Images Small

An important factor in SEO and google rankings is how fast a page loads. The faster your website, the more respect you will get from different search engines.

This is especially important since these days, most searches are done from mobile phones and their download speeds are a lot slower than regular desktop computers.

6. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Google wants to provide the best possible experience for mobile users since they take up the majority of google searches. Your website should be styled in a manner where everything fits nicely on mobile phones.

The KWFinder SEO research tool also includes backlink analysis features. Backlinks are when another website links to yours. The more you have, the better your search results will be in Google since you will be seen as respectable.

If you happen to get a few backlinks from very popular websites, they will drive you a ton of traffic and Google will see this and rank your website or blog post higher in the search results.

Best Ways to Find Clients

There are many ways to find clients for SEO optimization. You can simply pick up the phone or email websites that you notice are in need of your services.

You can also start a Youtube channel and the customers will then begin coming to you if they see you know your stuff. They will begin to build trust in you after watching your content for a while.


Now that you know how SEO optimization works, you can take your skills and begin to earn great money with a side hustle or your very own SEO agency.

SEO has never been too difficult to understand since it’s a pretty clear cut concept. Many companies just don't want to take the time to do it themselves, so you can do it for them and make great money.

You can even charge blogs per article to find keywords and optimize their post for them. It's no doubt that knowing about SEO is a valuable skill that every online company should master for maximum profits.

Use your newfound knowledge of search engine optimization to make a great income in this important field with a tool like KWFinder. Doing so will make you a valuable asset when it comes to online businesses.