DoorDash Review: Make Money as a DoorDash Driver

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Nowadays it seems like everytime we look up there is a new food delivery app. The beautiful thing about these apps is that they create thousands of jobs and really help people to grow financially.

In this article we will discuss the DoorDash app. This wildly popular app is growing bigger everyday. Here's the information you need to make the decision whether becoming a DoorDash driver is for you or not.

What Is DoorDash?

DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery apps on the market today. A customer can place an order on their phone and you as the driver would then go pick up their food and deliver it to them.

If you are familiar with the UberEats app then you will realize that DoorDash is basically the same thing.

You may often be at a restaurant and see drivers running in and out with many of them carrying a DoorDash bag.

At this point almost every restaurant you go to you will see some form of food delivery drivers.

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DoorDash Requirements

In order to become a DoorDash driver and begin making money you must be at least 18 years old.

It's also important that you have a clean record. This means that in the last seven years you cannot have any major moving violations.

This protects the DoorDash customers and also the other drivers on the road from reckless people who can cause accidents while taking orders.

You must also have a valid drivers license, up to date insurance, and also a clean driving record. It is not a requirement to own a car. You can make deliveries on a bike or even on foot.

How Much Money Can a DoorDash Driver Make?

The amount a DoorDash driver can make depends on how many deliveries they complete. Also being a driver in bigger cities may be more lucrative versus driving in smaller cities.

You can earn around $12 per hour typically and you can even earn more with tips.

Be sure to always be on time and keep a big smile on your face to earn as many tips as possible. You keep 100% of tips working as a DoorDash driver.

How Much Do I Have To Work

The great thing about using apps like DoorDash and Postmates is that you can make your own schedule.

Yes it's true that in order to make the most money you should really be working around lunch and dinner time, but really the choice is yours when you want to take orders.

If you want to work part time hours or if you want to work towards becoming a full time DoorDash driver you have great flexibility.

Also a great idea is to sign up for multiple delivery apps. You can do DoorDash deliveries one part of the day and when that slows down you can switch over to taking Postmates orders.

Is Being a DoorDash Driver Reliable

Doordash is one of the most popular food delivery apps on the market. It is a very large company with great ratings.

Many people rely on DoorDash for a great side income and many people look to DoorDash as a main source of income.

You can definitely put your trust in DoorDash when you sign up to become a driver.

Making the Most of DoorDash

It's important to always keep a positive attitude when driving for DoorDash. You will come into contact with many people throughout the day and sometimes it will get stressful dealing with them.

Do your best to just have fun with it. Be polite to your customers and also towards fellow DoorDash drivers you meet at the different restaurants.

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DoorDash Benefits

DoorDash has a really nice benefits package. They work with the company Stride Health to make sure their drivers find affordable dental, health, and also vision coverage.

This is a huge relief because the first thing we might think of when starting a new job is how good the health insurance is.

Driving with DoorDash you can rest easy knowing that you and your family can have coverage.

DoorDash and Taxes

When you are working as a DoorDash driver you are a contract worker. Therefore you will need to keep track of all your expenses for tax write offs when that time of year comes around.

Be sure to keep track of the miles you drive as well as any other expenses. DoorDash offers a mileage expense tracker that can help you with this thankfully.

You may also want to write off things like a bike if that's what you use to take deliveries. Technically that is a work expense.

Is DoorDash for Me?

DoorDash is for anyone who wants a promising side hustle or who just wants to make some extra money.

Do you have a lot of restaurants in your city? Are you in need of a job? If these are true then DoorDash can be a perfect match for you.

You can try it out by signing up and see if you like it. If so then great, and if not you can try another app like Postmates to make money with. The choice is always yours.


Isn't it great that there are so many flexible ways to earn money in our time. You can use apps like DoorDash to grow your bank account and keep a reliable side hustle going.

Alway remember to have fun as a DoorDash driver and keep a positive attitude towards your customers to get large tips.

Make sure you take orders during the most popular times of the day which are lunch time and dinner time.

Also take advantage of the DoorDash driver benefits program to make sure you and your family are covered when it comes to insurance.

If you would like to try DoorDash feel free to sign up and see how you like it. Who knows, you may become addicted.

We wish you the best in your efforts to grow your finances in as many ways as possible.