How To Start Your Own Pet Influencer Business

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With the world of social media continuously expanding, the opportunities to start new and creative businesses is only increasing each and every day. There is a huge potential to earn money from a good following.

Did you know that one of those awesome ideas is turning your very own pet into a social media star. You have to admit this is quite creative and the exact type of thinking we encourage here at The Tech Dollar.

We will consider the example of an entrepreneur who has accomplished this very thing. In doing so we will see the challenges she faced at the start of her business and what she did to overcome such difficulties.

Kazmi’s Dog Influencer Business

Introducing the owner and creator of Little Lua Co, Kazmi English. Kazmi took the time out of her busy day to tell us all about her dog influencer business.

Kazmi started Little Lua Co in early 2020 and this company sells clothing for pets and their humans.

Kazmi goes on to say “after getting married and relocating from California to North Carolina, we decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to start the shopify business that we’ve been talking about forever".

Kazmi realized that she would not be working a regular 9-5 job and used this opportunity to start Little Lua Co. So while her husband Martin went to work during the day she would take the primary role in bringing this dream to a reality.

Meet the Star of The Show

Prepare yourself for this overdose on cuteness. Kahlua is the rising star at Little Lua Co. And as you can see she is full of confidence to take on her new role as a dog influencer.


Yes Kahlua has her very own Instagram with even more followers than her mom. If you're interested in taking a look into the level of cuteness needed to get into the dog influencer business, don't hesitate to follow Kahlua on Instagram @doodlelua.

Along with growing as a social media figure Kahlua is also a professional sock thief and the CPO (chief pup officer) at Little Lua Co.

She takes the lead in marketing at the company by promoting products for other dog lovers across the world.


Obstacles In Starting a Pet Influencer Business

Like with any new business there will no doubt be various challenges that arise. The question is how can we overcome such difficulties and continue to grow our brand. Kazmi goes on to give us further insight on her experience.

“There were a lot of obstacles that we have run into so far. Learning to code as well as web design, learning how to run a business, marketing, and plenty more”.


Overcoming Obstacles

When asked how Kazmi overcame her challenges as an entrepreneur she expressed “we were able to overcome these obstacles with a lot of studying and research.

Hours of reading articles to learn and grow our knowledge of drop shipping, coding, and becoming business owners”.

Kazmi spoke on how humbling it was to take all that knowledge and put it into a business while being able to see it grow. “Being able to step back and see the website that you built is so humbling and rewarding”.

This is a great example of why we encourage our readers to learn to code. As an entrepreneur this is one of the best skills you can ever have. This skill can be acquired in a few months and be useful for a lifetime!

The fun Part of a Dog Influencer Business

When starting a new business it's even better when your company is about something you truly love and care about. Kazmi expressed “my favorite part overall is incorporating Kahlua into everything”.


The many tasks of this dog influencer include photoshoots, product promotion and co-mingling with other dog influencers.

“She's just so affectionate and lovable it's hard for a smile not to spread across your face when she's running towards you.”

You can get to know Kahlua in her introduction on the homepage of the company's website which is shown at the end of this article.


Things to Keep In Mind

When starting a new business, having a strong circle of like minded friends can greatly increase your motivation and productivity.

With Kazmi’s new business she has made a ton of new friends that have been able to encourage her and watch her continue to grow.

Keeping the negativity out of your business and surrounding yourself with a healthy work environment is essential as an entrepreneur. Sometimes half the battle can be mental due to feelings of doubt.

We can all learn from the strong example of Kazmi in growing a business that we love. We at The Tech Dollar encourage such a mindset among all our readers.

Legalize Your Business

It's important to legalize your business by obtaining an LLC (limited liability company). This will make your hustle an official company and protect you from people coming for your personal bank accounts if you ever happen to be sued.

Obtaining an LLC can be hard if you do it alone, but there are services like Incfile that will handle everything for you including setting up your business bank account.

Future Goals

Kazmi along with her star dog influencer Kahlua have big things planned for the future. Currently they have many products for sale which include bandanas, collar and leash sets, and dog mom tees (and dads too).

Soon to be released in may, Little Lua Co will be offering their very own collection of handmade bandanas rotating the theme each and every month! Along with that they have many more awesome products in the works.

Are you interested in these awesome dog influencer products? We are leaving all of Kazmi’s contact information at the end of this article. She would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We will continuously strive to post positive stories of current and up and coming entrepreneurs. If you have a personal story you would like to share with The Tech Dollar you can go to our contact us page and send us a detailed email for a chance to be featured on our website.

Contact Information for Kazmi

Owners: Martin, Kazmi, and Kahlua English.
Instagram: @doodlelua for Kahlua and @LittleLuaco for products
Facebook: @Littleluaco