Stash Review: Modern Investing and Banking App

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If you're someone who has been responsible with your money, you may have been able to save up a sizable nest egg. You might be wondering if there is an easy way to begin investing your money so it just doesn't sit there.

Stash is the app that makes investing easy. In this article we will review Stash and see how it makes investing less scary.

At the end you will have enough information to decide if the Stash app is for you or not.

What Is Stash?

Stash is a modern Investment website and app that gives you full access to your investment portfolio from your smartphone or desktop computer.

You can use Stash to invest, bank, or save. It is a very versatile platform which has added to its growing popularity.

Stash prides itself on ease of use proclaiming that you can sign up to begin investing in only 2 minutes.

With Stash you can invest in hundreds of stocks and funds with unlimited trading and no added on trading commissions.

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Fractional Shares

Thanks to the Stash fractional shares you can start with as little as $5 dollars. This is one of the easiest ways to break into the world of investing.

Fractional shares means that you can purchase a fraction of a stock if you want.

By doing it this way you can spend less money while you're getting more comfortable as an investor. Move on to buying higher priced shares when you become more advanced.

Is Stash Trustworthy?

The Stash app is used by more than 3 million investors and it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

It also boasts a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with over 161,000 reviews of which the overwhelming majority are positive.

Users of Stash have invested over $1.5 billion so there is a large community of people relying on Stash to handle their money.

The app is modern, sleek, and easy to use which is a perfect fit for both millennial investors and also seasoned vets.

Stash Features

When you sign up for Stash you get access to a bank account with no overdraft or minimum balance fees.

You can also get your pay up to 2 days early and track your transactions in real time.

Your Stash debit card will come with unlimited Stock-Back rewards so you can earn stocks and funds for your portfolio when you spend.

Stash also has a roundup feature where it automatically saves the spare change from your purchases. This is similar to what we find in the popular Acorns app.

Stash Customer Service

As you use Stash you will no doubt have questions especially if you're new to investing. Stash has you covered as they offer simple tips, articles, and personalized guidance.

Stash prides itself on continuous education for its users which is important since investing can seem scary heading into it alone.

How Much Does Stash Cost?

The Stash app has 3 major plans that you can choose from depending on your personal financial goals and they are all affordable.

The Beginner Plan costs only $1 a month. The next level up is the Growth Plan which costs $3 a month. And lastly the best plan is the Stash Plus account which costs $9 a month.

Beginner Plan

  • Personal investment account
  • Debit account access
  • Earn Stock-Back rewards
  • Free financial education

Growth Plan

  • All features from Beginner plan
  • Tax benefits for retirement investing

Stash Plus Plan

  • All the features from the Growth Plan
  • Investing accounts for 2 kids

Stash Reviews

Matt - “I have been using Stash for 2 years now and I have learned so much by using this app. Stash is awesome because it's not just about investing, it is also about learning how to invest.”

Maissssas - “I started about four months ago. I didn't deposit anything for the first month and kinda just researched the app a little bit. The first thing I love about Stash is that it's super user friendly. It's easy for me to navigate and it's beautifully built.”

Spbrenda - “Wow! I've started at the end of July and I feel very confident in this app. I've always wanted to invest.

Is My Data Secure on Stash?

You don't need to stress about your personal financial data getting into the wrong hands due to the built in security in Stash.

Stash security is PCI DDS compliant. Stash was audited by an external company to validate its security and it was found to be compliant with data security standards.

This standard evaluates all technical controls to ensure that card data is protected and secured from malicious attackers.

What all of this basically means is that your hard earned money will be safe when using the Stash app whether it's for bank accounts or for Investing.

Stash Insurance Protection

Stash provides SIPC protection that covers up to $500,000. This includes a $250,000 cash limit.

Also your investments are protected up to $500,000 total. Stash provides all the high standards with regard to insurance protection that you'd expect from a respectable financial institution.

Stash Positives

  • Affordable investing
  • Online banking
  • Simple automation
  • Personal guidance


So if you're looking for a modern, flexible, and easy to use app with a beautiful design you should consider signing up for Stash as it's a solid option.

Its simple design and appeal to newer Investors is a plus along with the continuous free education you can take advantage of when using the app.

Take the time to learn the app and build a solid investment plan for your future. The fact that you’re here shows that you're already on the right track.

Have fun with it most importantly. These apps will make your life of investing a lot less stressful than the typical process of dealing with human brokers.

We wish you the best in your financial growth and hope you continue striving towards living the life you deserve. Sign up now to grab your $5 offer.