Survey Junkie Review: Should You Use It?

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In the world of paid survey sites there are a handle full of options to choose from. Many of them are similar to one another in various ways with some minor differences.

Some are more popular than others and there are certain companies that users really trust. In this article we will discuss the paid survey site Survey Junkie.

What Is Survey Junkie

The main focus of Survey Junkie is to share your opinion to help brands deliver better products and services. When you think about it this makes sense doesn't it?

If companies don't know what consumers want then how will they efficiently create products that people will buy?

The information that is gathered from you, the survey taker has a direct influence on how these big companies decide to move forward.


And Survey Junkie prefers that you participate in surveys that are meaningful to you. So if you’re a school teacher in Texas it's not likely that you’ll receive a survey on something like extreme skydiving.

You’re able to build up your profile to match you with certain surveys. Like many other survey companies Survey Junkie has a virtual points system to keep track of your progress.

Survey Junkie Tasks Include:

  • Testing products
  • Join focus groups
  • Survey via online or in-person

Can You Trust Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is among the leaders in the free online survey industry. It is an accredited company that has been in business since 2011. Survey Junkie was incorporated in California and has 136 employees. There are over 3 million users that participate in tasks on Survey Junkie.

The layout of the Survey Junkie website is very clean and intuitive. This is a plus because no one likes to spend their time on a survey site that is cluttered and disorganized.

On the Trustpilot website Survey Junkie has a rating of 4.5 as well as on the Better Business Bureau website. With thousands of reviews they have an overall positive reputation.

How Much Money Can I Make on Survey Junkie?

Using the rewards system on Survey Junkie you will earn $1.00 for every 100 points that you recieve. To redeem your rewards you must have a minimum of 1000 points which is worth $10.00.

When you are ready to receive your payout you may choose to do so in a variety of different ways. You can receive payouts through PayPal or by a selection of gift cards.

Within the United States you are able to receive transfers straight into your bank account which can make life easier.

Typically on the best surveys you can earn up to $3.00. Keep in mind that some of the smaller surveys will pay you less.

Who Can Join Survey Junkie?

Keeping in mind that this site uses the data from these surveys to market to a target audience, it makes sense that they limit the countries that are able to participate. If they are not marketing a product to them then it makes no sense to collect their opinions on services.

For this reason Survey Junkie limits the countries that can participate in their online surveys. The acceptable countries include The United States, Canada and also Australia. The number of acceptable countries may increase in the future as well.

How To Earn More Money on Survey Junkie

One of the best ways to earn more money on Survey Junkie is by getting involved in their referral program. If you refer friends and family to the website Survey Junkie will pay you for this.

You can see how someone can have a network of referrals that they can grow and leverage to receive larger payouts than the average person who just uses Survey Junkie by themselves.

What Can I Expect?

As with all of our other reviews on paid survey sites, The Tech Dollar wants you to keep in mind that this is not a fulltime job solution. You will not get rich from Survey Junkie but it should be used to make a little extra money on the side.


It is important to keep the proper expectations when joining Survey Junkie in order to avoid disappointment. If you have free time you want to use to earn points then this can be an option for you.

Although there may be times we turn to survey sites for cash, This should not be a long term income source. We do not want you on Survey Junkie every day for the next 5 years.

We at The Tech Dollar encourage our readers to participate in continuous growth. So if you're looking for a more stable solution to grow your finances please browse The Tech Dollar to read about different jobs and also experiences from current and up and coming entrepreneurs.

Survey Junkie Age Requirement

In order to join Survey Junkie you must be at least 13 years of age and reside in one of the accepted countries. It's free to join and all you need to do is enter a valid username and password.

This is a good way for teenagers to earn some money on the side. It can also instill in them the value of money because you get out of it what you put into it.

Survey Junkie Benefits

  • Amazon eGift cards
  • Sephora benefits
  • Groupon
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • iTunes
  • And more...

On Survey Junkie you are rewarded for the actions that you take. There may be some surveys that you do not qualify for but you will gain points just for trying.

When Do You Get Paid

This is a bright spot with regard to Survey Junkie. The members get paid on the same day they decide to redeem their rewards. Thankfully there is no need to wait a long period of time.

The website is always looking for new ways to improve on their user experience. This means that you can count on a smooth survey taking experience that other companies may not level up to.


Within the world of paid survey sites it's no doubt that Survey Junkie is among the best. With its quick payment, gift card rewards, and smooth user interface it will be extremely easy to use.

Just keep in mind that this is not something you should consider as a real job. In reality you will not earn enough to sustain yourself taking paid surveys online.

If you have free time and would like to make some extra spending money online then this would be a great option. So if you're interested head over to Survey Junkie and give them a try.