Swagbucks Review: Is It Worth Your Time in 2020?

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With life becoming more and more expensive, we are no doubt always looking for ways to make a little extra cash on the side.

We might have a full time job or we might be a college student who never realized that it's possible to make money online by taking simple surveys.

This is where Swagbucks comes in. All you need to get started is a computer and an internet connection. Lets go over some of the details regarding this paid survey site.

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a provider of digital services which includes an online rewards portal, content distribution platform, and an online polling platform.

Swagbucks is owned and operated by the company Prodege and they have had years in which their revenue exceeded $54 million dollars.


How to Make Money on Swagbucks

The primary way people earn money on Swagbucks is by taking paid online surveys. There are also other tasks on Swagbucks you can do to earn money as well. The platform is free to join and fairly simple to use.

Tasks include:

  • Earn money playing games
  • Get paid to watch videos
  • Earn money doing searches
  • Make money shopping online

Swagbucks Rewards Program

After signing up for free you can begin to gain what is referred to as “SB’s” or “Swagbucks”. As you continue to earn these Swagbucks you will be able to cash them out for a variety of different gifts and rewards.

You can also see on your dashboard how many Swagbucks you currently have and how many Swagbucks you can gain on a specific task. This can help you to choose the best option and make better use of your time on the platform.

Use Your Swagbucks For:

  • PayPal cash
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Target gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • And much more…..

Can You Trust Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a company that has been around since 2008. You can be certain that they are legit as they have over 16,000 reviews of which 64% are excellent and another 20% are rated great.

There are always new people continuing to sign up for Swagbucks as it's one of the best survey sites to make money online.

Swagbucks has over 18 million monthly visitors on their website. They also have over 20 million users and they all have one thing in common. They are looking to make some extra money online.

What to Expect On Swagbucks

If you are looking to get rich off of Swagbucks we will tell you in advance that it's not the site for earning a full time income. Swagbucks is useful for when you have free time and you want to make a few dollars.

If you're looking to make significant money on a side hustle there are better ways to do so. Also if you are looking for jobs that can potentially be full time you can search The Tech Dollar for helpful suggestions and experiences from workers and entrepreneurs.

The Tech Dollar always encourages people to continue to grow in everything they do. So we don't want you on Swagbucks everyday for the next 5 years.

Use it for what it is now and in your future move towards more lucrative ways to earn cash.

How Much Money Can You Make on Swagbucks

With the most popular way to make money on Swagbucks being the completion of online surveys, typically it is possible to make up to $3.50 for a survey of about 20 minutes. These payouts can be in the form of gift cards and other rewards and prizes.

Make Money From Swagbucks Referrals

You can also benefit by referring your friends to Swagbucks as well. In order to receive your prize you will need to provide them with a referral code. Based on how much they complete you can receive 10% of that in Swagbucks.

Now you can get creative and invite a group of your friends to sign up and participate in the paid online surveys. The more people you get to sign up the more you will benefit.

It can be a sort of side hustle for pocket money. We know that every little bit helps these days.

Extra Money for Teenagers

Many teens are steadily on the search for cash to fund their future shopping addiction. A good way they can earn some side money online is by using Swagbucks.

This can also be a lesson on how the more you put into something the more you get out of it. Teenagers can begin to learn the value of money.


Being that this is the age of social media a teenager can sign up for Swagbucks and refer other friends using links on their profile.

This means while you're strolling through Instagram in search of the next viral meme you can have a little side hustle.

This can somewhat be an introduction into affiliate marketing for young ones. Getting good at this can mean a bright future when a teen moves on to bigger and better forms of marketing.

Make Swagbucks Your Search Engine

Another clever way you can utilize Swagbucks is by setting it up as your default search engine. By doing this you can receive Swagbucks just by doing your normal browsing. When you set up this feature you will automatically gain 20 swagbucks.

Tip: When choosing to gain Swagbucks by watching videos you can put on the videos and just let them play in the background. Then you can go about your normal business and gain prizes at the same time.

Add The Swagbutton

A great way to earn Swagbucks instantly is by adding the Swagbutton extension. This will allow you to earn 50 Swagbucks rights away.

For every 100 Swagbucks you earn it equals one dollar. The Swagbutton will automatically alert you to special deals as you do things like online shopping.

At the moment you receive 300 Swagbucks you can then begin to redeem your rewards. It will then show you a wide variety of prizes that you can choose from.

When you reach 2,500 Swagbucks you can also redeem these to receive a $25 PayPal cash card. This is an option for those who would like to receive cash rather than other prizes.

Steps to Join Swagbucks

  • Sign up
  • Enter email address
  • Choose a password
  • Confirm email: this will qualify you for a $5 sign up bonus.

Online Shopping

If you are someone who loves to do online shopping a good idea would be to do so through Swagbucks because if you're going to be doing the shopping regardless you mine as well earn extra points while you do so.

For example if you are shopping online at target.com you can go to Swagbucks and click through their link and you’ll start earning 5 Swagbucks for every dollar that is spent.

If you’re going to be spending this money either way this would be a great way to earn points continuously.

Discover Section on Swagbucks

The discovery section is where you can find awesome services and companies to sign up for. Make sure to read all the details with these offers in order to receive the maximum amount of points.

This is the place you can gain Swagbucks very fast because there are my services that have a large payout when you sign up for them. Be sure to read the offers thoroughly because sometimes they can cost money.

Swagbucks App

If you prefer to use your smartphone for everything you can take advantage of the Swagbucks mobile app. This makes it easier to do all the things listed above from the palm of your hand.


So although Swagbucks is not a way to get rich quick, it can help you earn a few extra dollars here and there.

If you have free time, are browsing the internet, or doing online shopping you can use these as an opportunity to win prizes such as gift cards and cash rewards. We hope this article was of assistance to you in your Swagbucks journey.

Remember to not put all your eggs in the Swagbucks basket but to just enjoy it for what it is. In doing so you can keep the proper expectations and make a little extra money online.