Titan Review: Premier Investing App for Everyone

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When starting out on your journey of becoming a skilled investor, finding the right platform that caters to the average working class individual can be hard. It’s all too common for Wall Street to ignore the everyday investor in favor of the ultra rich.

Titan is a premier investing app that aims to change that by providing normal people access to the best investing experience in the world. Something previously available to only the wealthy.

In this article, we will review the Titan app and you can see if this dynamic investment portfolio manager is the right choice for you.


What Is Titan?

Titan is a world-class investment management app for normal people like you and me. This premier investment firm manages over $500 million in assets for more than 25,000 clients.

Wealthy investors tend to have a team of advisors to assist them along the way, but Titan breaks that divide by giving even beginner investors the same experience.

This can make the seemingly unapproachable world of investing less intimidating. Titan does this by helping you to identify those rare stocks known as “compounders” and helping you hold on to them.

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Is Titan Trustworthy?

Deciding which robo-advisor to trust with your money is no doubt an important decision. How does Titan measure up in this regard?

Titan was named “Top Investment Advisor of 2020” by U.S News. It also ranked #1 out of over 60 advisors for returns in 2020.

The emphasis on empowering the user along with a beautifully designed user interface are even more reasons that make Titan an excellent choice for investors.

Complete Portfolio Manager Access

The major appeal of quality robo-investing apps like Titan is the fact that your portfolio is completely managed for you, taking the stress out of it.

The real-time video updates are a major plus when using Titan. Finding available resources like this would typically require more high priced options.

The Titan Portfolio Manager is easily available to be accessed at any time to see your stats while deciding on your next move.

Staying well informed while investing is vital in order to see consistent growth and the Titan robo-investing app makes this readily available for the average user.

Live Investment Research

Investment research resources can vary from one platform to another, but finding high quality research can sometimes come at a high price.

Titan offers live research on major events in the financial markets helping you to quickly spot trends.

Informed and timely decisions based on Titans research resources allows you to invest with confidence while setting the founding for continued learning.

First Class Security

Securing your investments from malicious entities should be every robo-advisors primary concern.

Titan protects all of your personal data and financial information by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 256-bit encryption.

Titan uses personal digital vaults and all assets are held at Titans custodian Apex Clearing.

This all ensures that your assets are among the most protected across the financial technology industry. Not to mention your investments are SIPC insured up to $500,000.

Fractional Shares

With fractional shares, Titan makes it possible to buy parts of a stock allowing you to buy into those more expensive shares that previously may have been out of your price range.

Many robo-advisors charge extra for this feature but it’s included when signing up for Titan.

Utilizing fractional shares along with the research tools provided in your portfolio manager opens an entirely new field of investment opportunities.

A More Human Touch

With a step by step user interface that guides you along the way, Titan truly provides that human touch many of us look for when investing.

This means you can quickly get your questions answered through videos and step by step guides which makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Price of Investing with Titan

To get started with the Titan robo-advisor, a minimum investment of $100 is required.

There's no need to worry about lock-ups and you can add capital instantly and withdraw funds in 2-4 days.

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Titans Investment Strategies

Titans main focus is on long-term investing and patient capital with its two main strategies. Titan has invested in 20 stocks which are vetted through deep research.

This is Titans Flagship Growth Strategy. The portfolio manager is also updated for you as it notices better risk/reward opportunities for existing holdings.

There is a low turnover which typically means that only a few stocks change each quarter.

The Titan Opportunities Strategy is focused on small to mid cap U.S-focused companies that show great potential for exceptional growth rates.


Titan is a great choice for a high quality robo-investing platform that’s secure and caters to the everyday investor.

Some features that were previously only available to the ultra rich are now available to even beginners.

Take advantage of the world class research, live updates and industry leading security features included in the Titan app.

With all these out of the box features, you can quickly grow your investments and become a pro at navigating the financial markets.